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"I found out today that your companies server is already much better. Might not mean much to you, but my..."
Eric Barbaglia
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We know how important is for you to have always your website available. Hostmaster will guarantee 99.9% uptime.


"I've been using Hostmaster for more than 1 year and has gone the way from shared for $4.95 to my new reseller account, which I have received with a generous discount as an old customer.

What I really like about this company:
- At present they have a really good support team and various contact options
- Their admins and techs are eager to assist and help with scripts and all those things for free.
- They have fair prices for the top quality hosting services.

The company has a good reputation and is rated by Netcraft as 99.99% uptime network.
I really appreciate they have various options and offers. The individual approach and capability to provide desired quality is their main advantage."

Alexandra Lane, creativegurumedia.com badinfluence.ca


"I have been using Hostmaster hosting for quite a time and it has never let me down.
The customer service is very operative and friendly. I was interested in hosting services, and contacted Hostmaster customer service via Live Chat. The website consisted complete and helpful information on their hosting plans, but still I needed some assistance as I wasn't sure, which plan would suit me best. The young man was very polite and we soon agreed upon a certain hosting plan they had. Luckily enough, I have never experienced any problems with their services. But still, once I wanted to see if their customer service is ALWAYS online. So (maybe it wasn't very ethical of me, but still) I made up several non-existing problems, and tried to contact them via other communication channels listed on their site (LiveChat, ICQ, MSN). And, somewhat surprisingly, all of them were operating online and willing to help! And I must note, that it was 1 AM.

Customer support is vital for a company offering online services. Speaking of Hostmaster customer service, I should say I am quite sure, that I won't have any problems with reaching them, if necessary.

As mentioned before, I have been a client of Hostmaster hosting for quite a time, and I don't know much about other hosting providers. However, Hostmaster fully satisfies my needs, and I am not interested in other hosting providers. Moreover, I feel quite secure, that being a Hostmaster I do not take any risks, for instance, if they won't refund, in case I (knock on wood) come across any serious problems with their services."

Keisha Taylor, centralbornercompany.com hunter-club.eu


"I have been hosting with Hostmaster for over 6 months now (close to 1year).. And all I can say is I love them..
Now I actually did experience some problems :(, but to be honest who doesnt in hosting. I had 2 downtime periods, which were very short (under 30 minutes), I had contacted the live support and they informed me exactly of the issue and gave me an ETA to have it fix.. And for the first time, an companies ETA was correct.. Actually it was working before they said it would be.
The price is great, you cannot beat the price for the service they offer. You are using the most state of the art control panel, the smartest technical team and a price that to me is worth it, when I know that my company is always going to be online.
I gave them an 9/10 just because of the downtime, if it was 100% uptime they would get 10/10. I recommend Hostmaster to anyone looking for an honest hosting company to deal with."

Pamela Bellisimo, lifehairstudio.com


"I would like to start out by saying that Hostmaster has been a great web hosting company to deal with. I decided to use them as they came highly recommend from a friend. I hosted my web site with them for about 2 and a half years until I decided to close down my business. I remember them having some issues with server load, but were quick to reply to my complaint and resolved the issue pretty quickly too! They could have a better reporting system however. I recommend Hostmaster if you're looking for a web hosting company. They did a superb job for me!."

Andy Seabrook-Harris, laikasflight.com


"My partner and I were looking for a web host with a reasonable price and the ability to grow into. From reading the reviews, it seems people have had problems with Hostmaster and we would have been more wary of signing up, had we known this earlier. In saying that, I have hosted with Hostmaster now for about 2 years (with multiple websites and projects) and not about to jump ship because of what other people say. If I am given decent service (which I have), I am one to offer my loyalty too.
Just my 2 cents.."

Patrick Kirkley, patrickkirkley.com

" Thank you very much, I hope your support will always be that fast. Regards "

Paul Brown, rockvpn.com